Excellence is not an action, but a habit

There are differences between services provided by Atimo.us and those of other web site design companies. Our professionals become part of your team and we care about your organization’s image on the internet as much as you do, if not more.

We are dedicated to providing an effective internet presence to our customers.

What does an effective internet presence mean? It means web site, e-mail newsletter and other online tools that publish information that is easy to read, constantly updated, presented in a pleasant format, simple to navigate and professionally designed.

“My Dutch colleague is impressed with the look, feel and architecture of the site and may eventually modify the Dutch site accordingly - so kudos to the Atimo team!” Sylvain Chevalier
Lapis Lazuli USA
“WOW! What a fantastic job! It's so exciting for us to see Nikki on the web and you made it so beautiful. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Cheryl E Hodowud
St. Joseph Chruch
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